2013 Ramadan "Fast-breaking (Iftar) dinners"

Intercultural and Interfaith Dialog Student Association, and the Institute of Interfaith Dialog hosted fast-breaking (iftar) dinners in the Holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month when Muslims fast; refraining from drinking and eating from pre-dawn until the sunset. It is also a tradition in this month to break the fast together with family, neighbors, and friends.

Ramadan brings people and their hearts together by sharing the food at dinners. Fasting is a training for self control. Also, by experiencing hunger, people learn sincere thankfulness and appreciation for all of God's  bounties, and understand the poor and needy, and are more willing to do charity in this month.

Date and Venue

June 27th: St. Margaret Episcopal Church

June 28th: St. Luke African American Methodist Church

June 30th: First United Methodist Church

August 2nd: Plymouth Congregational Church

August 6th: Unity Church of Lawrence

Reception 7.45 — 8.15 pm

Presentation 8.15 — 8.30 pm

Dinner 8.30 — 9.15 pm

5th Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinner & Awards Ceremony

"The role of faith in promoting global peace and tolerance"

Intercultural and Interfaith Dialog Student Association, and the Institute of Interfaith Dialog organized “5th Annual Dialog and Friendship Dinner & Awards Ceremony” on April 12th, 2013 at Kansas Union Ballroom. The speakers of the event included the following:

Michael Dever, Mayor

Dr. Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, Women-Gender & Sexuality Studies

Mustafa Akyol, Keynote, “Islam and freedom: Destined to clash?”

Rev. Dr. Shannah McAleer, Unity Church of Lawrence

Awards ceremony:

Laurie Scott from, Police Department - “Outstanding Community Dedication Award”

Dru Sampson, An Interfaith Dialog – “Outstanding Community Service Award”

Michael Dever, Mayor - “Outstanding Public Service Award”

Dr. Eve Levin, Dept. of History – “Outstanding Education Service Award”

We would like to thank our guests who attended the dinner, as well as our speakers, host committee members, co-sponsors, and volunteers who helped us organize this event.

Host Committee Members: Dr. Beverly Mack, Dr. Christopher E. Forth, Dr. Dorthy Pennington, Dr. John James Kennedy, Dr. Mary Banwart, Dr. Naima Boussofara, Dr. Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, Dr. Peter Ojiambo, Aron Cromwell - City Commissioner, Bob Schumm – Mayor, David Corliss - City Manager, Ken McGovern – Sheriff, Tarik Khatib - Chief of Police, Rev. Delmar White, Kim Murphree, Rev. Matthew Zimmerman, Rev. Randy Weinkauff, Rev. Dr. Shannah McAleer, Rev. Dr. Tom Brady, Rev. William Woodard

Co-Sponsors: City of Lawrence, Center for Global and International Studies, St. Luke African American Methodist Church, St. Margaret Episcopal Church, Plymouth Congregational Church, KU Dining Services, Unity Church of Lawrence, First United Methodist Church, AC Management, Fountain Magazine, and Raindrop Turkish House.


Distinguished Speaker Series – Mustafa Akyol


Intercultural and Interfaith Dialog Student Association (IIDSA), and the Institute of Interfaith Dialog Mustafa Akyol, as part of Distinguished Speaker Series on April 14th, 2012 in Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, Overland Park, KS. Mustafa Akyol gave a talk on his recent book “Islam without extremes, a Muslim case for liberty”.  Click here to watch his presentation.

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